XBee Shield


XBee Shield is an enhanced Zigbee XBee Series modules breakout board for Arduino, it can directly plug in with Arduino, and use any pin of the basic board to connect with the XBee module serial port.

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The XBee Shield simplifies the task of interfacing an XBee with your Arduino. This board mates directly with an Arduino Pro or USB board, and equips it with wireless communication capabilities using the popular XBee module. This unit works with all XBee modules including the Series 1 and Series 2 (and 2.5), standard and Pro version.



  • Double shield interfaces compatible with Arduino for easy cascading
  • 3 indicator (ON/SLEEP, RSSI, ASS)* LED for XBee
  • Provide maximal 500mA under 3.3V
  • Full 2.54mm break out for XBee
  • Switchable of communication with FTDI-USB or Arduino with HardwareSerial or SoftwareSerial

*RSSI: Receiver Signal Strength Indication
*ASS : Association



Zone Description
1 XBee Socket
2 Indication LED
3 Serial communication pin select
4 Wireless program Arduino jumper
5 3.3V operation voltage jumper(When operated in 3.3V, install the jumper)




Version 1.1
Compatible Mainboard
  • Arduino Deumlanove/UNO
  • Arduino MEGA
  • Iteaduino
  • Iteaduino ADK
  • Iteaduino MEGA 2560
  • Iteadmaple
  • Simple Cortex
  • ChipKit UNO32
  • ChipKit MAX32
  • FEZ Panda II
  • Freeduino
  • Leaf maple
  • Seeeduino
  • Seeduino MEGA
Shield Functions Adapter
Board Size 55mm x 59mm
Operation Level
  • Digital 3.3V
  • Digital 5V
Stackable No
Model IM120417004
Accessories N/A
Weight 35.00g




Demo Code


Kaal 35 g
Mõõtmed 55 × 59 mm


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